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Offshore Development Center

An offshore development center (ODC) is a dedicated development center, located outside the clients' premises, solely engaged in developing, testing and deploying software solutions and applications. It has been a proven approach to extends a company's development capacity by assigning low-cost, scalable and highly skilled technical resources to support development cycles. Activeosoft Technologies ODC methodology is focused on integrating seamlessly with the clients' workflow to deliver high-quality software within deadlines. It ensures a well-defined and totally manageable workflow and the whole process is totally transparent for our clients, you can easily predict the project result.

1. ODC team identification

         The ODC setup activity begins with the selecting of technical experts and engineers with requisite skills according to the technical requirement of the ODC tasks.

2. System structure design

         Once the core team is in place, we work closely with the client to gather information of the requirements, technology and systems.

The knowledge acquisition is done in the following way:

3. Development Plan and Process Definition

         During this phase, the process methodology and project management plan will be defined and customized to meet customer's ODC requirements.
Activeosoft Technologies mature and tailored development methodologies ensure high quality delivery standards, facilitate speed to market, minimize project risk and enable us to streamline project execution process to achieve customer satisfaction. However we are very flexible on the development methodology to follow your process methodology to get agreement on this.

5. Project Execution

         The ODC team is now ready for projects execution. The ODC team will adhere to the agreed quality process and methodologies with client to ensure on time, on budget deliveries.