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Software Migration

With a view to protect client's investment on current system, a proper domain expert is involved in each migration / reengineering project. The domain expert takes the responsibility to assess the legacy system and new enhancement requirement. And then provides an accurate & timely inventory of all impacted applications, defines migration issues, and outlines a delivery plan to complete the migration / reengineering project.

1. Identify core migration team

Once we receive the migration / reengineering requirement from our client, a core analysis and evaluation team which contains an experienced project manager and a domain expert is identified to analyze the legacy system and evaluate the work amount that needed to fulfill the migration task. This can be done within 2 working days.

3. Resources build-up & Training

         The next step in the migration process is to build the whole project team and set up the required infrastructure environment.

5. Maintenance period

         After the beta version is delivered, we will offer free fixes if bugs are found during this period.